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When Should You Tune-up Your Car?

Every once in a while, it’s good to get your vehicle serviced, or tune-up as the mechanics like to call it.

Sometimes the service may be minor, like a tune-up or oil change. Or sometimes there may be a more serious issue that needs attention, such as a drive belt being bad which can cause the car’s engine to seize.

Whatever the case, knowing when to get your car serviced can be difficult, which is why at Mile and Wild Engine, we are here to help you learn a bit more about your car's ignition system as well as other components so you can get the right parts to make sure you are getting the most out of your vehicle.

Does your car stall more often?

If that’s the case, pay attention to whether the engine stalls when it’s cold or hot or when your car AC is on. It could also be because your spark plugs need changing or a device needs to be adjusted.

Is your car harder to start?

A malfunctioning electronic component, such as the electronic control unit, might cause a problem in the starting system (like a weak battery or cable), the fuel system (like a weak fuel pump which can be improved with a proper fuel pump mounting at your mechanics), or your ignition system (ECU).

When idling or accelerating, you may notice that the engine is running rough. That can also be an issue.

The trick is to know when your car does need a tune-up and to remember that even before you act on this knowledge, you can save time and money if you buy the right parts.

It’s never been easier than it is today to learn when your car needs a tune-up so there’s no reason to be caught off guard by inconvenient breakdowns. Knowing what tools you may need and where to get them will save you time and keep you safe.

Mild and Wild Engine offers various branded parts and accessories both for drivers and technicians.

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