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When do tires need to be rotated, balanced aligned? Ask our tech team

Your tires are perhaps the most important safety equipment on your vehicle, but many drivers don’t give them a second thought unless they get a flat or fail an inspection. Whether those tires are inflated at the recommended pressure, rotated at regular intervals, and kept in proper balance and alignment are all crucial to a safe, stable, and comfortable driving experience for you and your family.

At Mild and Wild , our highly trained auto technicians perform a comprehensive inspection of your tires and wheels as part of our regular service package. Our team is on the lookout for uneven wear patterns and signs of damage to the treads and sidewall. We follow industry recognized standards on when to rotate and precision-balance your tires to optimize their performance. Our experts know that paying careful attention to details like these can save your life, besides saving you money down the road on equipment replacement and fuel costs.

Exactly how often to rotate the tires depends on whether the vehicle you are driving has front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive. The size and type of tires on your vehicle and the conditions under which you drive also come into play. Tire pressure must be taken into consideration when assessing safety, longevity and economy. Under- or over-inflated tires can have a dramatic effect on all three aspects. And drivers shouldn’t neglect having a periodic wheel alignment, which can ensure that your tires are wearing evenly.

Let the experts at Mild and Wild take the worry out of caring for your vehicle. We combine friendly, personalized service with advanced, computerized diagnostic equipment to keep your vehicle safely on the road. Whether you drive a compact, sedan, SUV, pickup truck or van, our team has the know-how to repair and maintain your vehicle to keep it running at peak performance. Drive in today, and we’re confident you’ll drive out a satisfied customer.

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